About Us

Eyris is a Red Cell Partners company whose mission is to bring revolutionary advancements to cybersecurity and data protection.

In addition to providing foundational data and communications security, Eyris’ technology lends itself to countless use cases across the public and private (finance, cybersecurity, logistics, healthcare) sectors. Eyris technology serves as a platform for features that can be tailored to customers’ needs, such as Multi-Level Security (MLS) and supply chain management.

Our Technology

Eyris is a Web3-based platform that seamlessly fits into an existing technology stack to bolster or replace processes, tools, software, and both internal (employee) and external user experiences.

Eyris enables users to leverage the power of Web3 technology without needing to be an expert – by allowing you to run your existing Web2 applications on Eyris’ private blockchain. Web3’s decentralized nature has led to a new paradigm of computing that provides significant value compared to the previous generation of technology that underpins the majority of the internet (Web2). Eyris’ platform is completely cloud- and device-agnostic; it does not require any new hardware, will run on existing systems and is running on all three major cloud providers.

Eyris’ technology protects data independently of networks and systems, reducing the attack surface by orders of magnitude, guaranteeing that data is immutable, and providing robust identity and access management. Our solution mitigates numerous cybersecurity problems by allowing users to communicate sensitive or classified information securely over an untrusted network, maintain data control and ownership, track recipient interaction and guarantee data authenticity.